New Workspaces to improve your workflow

Access your designs directly from Studio.

Optimizing the design workflow to cut down on time, has always been a priority for Vectary. This can be achieved by reducing the amount of repetitive work, setting up an intuitive UI, as well as speeding up the path to design systems and assets. Creating an option to access your project folders without leaving the Studio editor will improve the quality, efficiency, as well as team collaboration.

Getting the most out of your workspaces

Workspaces are accessible on your Dashboard under your profile image. You can easily add a new workspace by clicking on the ‘plus’ icon. The list will showcase all the available workspaces for your account.

From now on you can access your workspaces also from the Studio. Just start a new project and click on the Workspace tab in the Object panel.

Access your workspaces from the Studio.

In the list of available workspaces, you will always find Vectary Elements. It is a library of assets created by Vectary. You can select and use any of the objects provided in building up your scene. Each object can be customized by changing materials, colors, and overall shape. Check back regularly as we will be adding more elements to the library every month.

Create a 3D design system

The new access to workspaces while in Studio is ideal for setting up a 3D Design System. By having the designs of a project within reach will improve consistency, as well as productivity. These workspaces can also be set up for sharing, an ideal option for team collaborations or client approvals.

How to set up a 3D design system in Vectary

  1. Create a workspace and place your 3D assets as a separate project.
  2. Invite everyone who should have access to the workspace such as colleagues or clients.
  3. From now on everyone with access to the workspace can access your assets directly from their Vectary Studio project.
  4. Once you have found a project which you would like to add to your current Vectary Studio scene, simply drag and drop it from the thumbnails list onto your canvas area.

Tip: Use the search option to speed up the work with assets in your workspaces. However, for the search option to work properly, please add descriptive tags for each project created.

We hope that the new set up will help you stay in the flow and speed up your day-to-day.