Rolling out new features and pricing

The latest Vectary update…and it’s a big one.

After a year of development, we reached a major milestone by delivering user-friendly and usable interactive features with absolutely fantastic visual rendering quality. With the introduction of Animation and Interaction modes and other updates, we also needed to restructure our pricing plans in a way that would be of most benefit for our users. Finally, we adapted our website and did numerous improvements on the infrastructure to provide a flawless experience.

Product updates

Here are the new additions you can expect to see in Vectary. Introducing:

  • Animation mode
  • Interactions mode
  • Texture baking
  • Variants (formerly know as Object switcher)

Pricing updates

What is changing is the distribution of functionality between the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Pro plan - Get the full potential of your 3D designs

The price for the PRO plan has changed to $15/month when paid with an annual  subscription, and $19 when paid monthly. Subscribers who are already paying for the previous Pro plan will continue to get all the benefits without changing the price structure.

New additions to the Pro plan:

  • Animate mode
  • Interact mode
  • Unbranded links and embeds - no Vectary logo in shared projects
  • Increased view limit to cover most use cases
  • Export of AR files (usdz, glb, gltf)

What stays as before in the Pro plan:

  • Store up to 100 projects
  • Version history
  • Augmented Reality
  • Configurator maker

What has been removed from Pro plan:

  • Cloning and commenting
  • Possibility to invite individual users to a workspace
  • Private link sharing

Business plan- Work in teams to get the job done

Collaboration features and workspace management (cloning, commenting, private links, team member invites) have moved to Custom plan as these functions are tailored to businesses and teams.

It is also important to point out that if you are planning a campaign and expecting a high amount of viewer visits, we’d recommend contacting our sales team directly. They can set you up with a custom plan that is suitable for you, without exceeding view limits. For a complete overview of the plans and features included, see our pricing page.

Closing the year strong. Find us on Discord. Ask us anything. Join the conversation. 

Try interactions with Pro plan
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See the pricing