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Top 5 growing design trends according to Pinterest

How to boost your portfolio this Fall 2022.

Pinterest recently released new tools for researching what is currently popular on the social platform by identifying emerging trends. What appears to be a useful tool for marketers is definitely an opportunity for designers to make their work stand out.

Using the viral potential of the topic is one of the best organic growth strategies. We examined the design category and chose the five fastest growing trends. Most importantly, everything can be created in 3D, giving it that visual high-kick.

1. Poster background design   

🔥100% growth

With more venues opening up following the dreaded pandemic, the demand for posters is gradually increasing. A great layout for the poster background will always remain the key design element. The visual is improved greatly by the incorporation of 3D elements.

Interest in poster background design over time

Vectary tip: Use this splashscreen to get a ready-made scene, just type all the poster info in 3D font.

2. App icon design 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥600% growth

With more app creators, there is a bigger demand for interesting app icon design. Having a 3D icon has become a standard and the frosted glass effect is still very much on trend in this category.

Interest in app icon design over time

3. Header banner 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥1500% growth

This is a big one. The header banner trend is rapidly expanding. A header banner, also known as a cover image, is a design that appears at the top of profiles on social media, forums, or as the top header image on a blog or website. By simply looking  at this category, it does not appear to be already saturated with many design options. Fortunately, Vectary has tools that will assist you in creating a memorable header image in minutes:

  1. Use ready-to-use sample projects with curated 3D icons and elements, just assemble the icons for the final design.
  2. Find even more 3D assets in the elements library - just drag and drop them on to the scene.
  3. Add your message with a 3D font or import an SVG file.

Interest in header banner over time

Vectary header banner used on YouTube and other social media.

4. Typography design  

🔥100% growth

For years, there has been an increasing interest in typography. Even when looking at the most popular pins, those with 3D designs stand out the most. Vectary offers a built-in 3D text tool that contains more than 1400 Google fonts in 3D. Another option is to import your own font type and turn it into 3D or create 3D lettering from scratch.

Interest in typography design over time

5. Y2K logo 

🔥🔥🔥🔥 400% growth

Y2K graphic design together with the cyberpunk trend, seem to be like a breath of fresh air on Pinterest. Powered by the genZ aesthetic, the trend has spread from fashion to graphic design. While the graphics were mostly done in 2D, there is a possibility of adding a 3D element for that nostalgic 90s feel. How to do it in 3D? Carve out chunky Y2K fonts like Faster One, Black Ops One, Fascinate, or Audiowide, then make them pop with neon colors, gradients, and slightly plastic iridescent materials reminiscent of the puffy stickers.

Interest in y2k graphic design and y2k logo.
Pink is a massive wave of the cyberpunk trend also driving the y2K aesthetic.

Vectary tip: What about the effect of melting metal font? Choose a simple bold font and apply Subdivide. Don’t forget about the Silver material option available in the Material library.

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