How to make a 3D website with VECTARY

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Is it an eye catching 3D element on your website that you want? Or maybe a unique hero or header image for your awesome website or blog? What about a whole 3D object that you can embed as easy as a YouTube video. 

You don’t need to be a pro graphic designer to do any of these. Use Vectary’s 3D model creator to make 3D designs for your website any way you want it. Drag and drop 3D objects from our library and customize them with double click. 

Create a 3D website easily

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to create a 3D banner with Vectary
  2. How to create paralax 3D elements with Vectary
  3. How to get interactive 3D design to your website

1. How to create a 3D banner with the Vectary image creator

  1. Open Vectary - it’s online and free. 
  2. Start with one of our theme templates or start off with a blank scene. 
  3. Drag and drop objects from the library. Customize the 3D shape with double click. 
  4. Adjust materials, light, style, font or background.
  5. Render your design in real time in Vectary.
  6. Save and export your 3D design as a PNG file. 
  7. Share your design.    

Pick a free 3D template and start designing. It’s that simple.   

Choose from our theme templates and customize your 3D image with the powerful 3D editor. Add your own 3D text, change the objects, textures, color or background and create stunning banners and header images for your website. 

low poly scene

2. How to create 3D elements for your website

Paralax 3D elements are very trendy in web design right now. They can add that right feeling to your website. Check this awarded design from Niika as an example:


Instructions for 3D elements are very similar to the 3D banner maker. The only exception is that you don't really need a background for your 3D design. 

The easiest way to start is to drag and drop 3D assets from the Objects library. If you want to create your own elements, here's how you can start from scratch:

  1. Open Vectary.
  2. Click on the Object list.
  3. Add a new object.
  4. Now you entered the Edit mode for that object. You can create and draw 3D geometry and use Vectary's advanced tools.
  5. To exit the Edit mode and continue with color, material and light adjusting, simply click Done Editing.
  6. Finally, export your object as a PNG file.

How to create a paralax website with Vectary 3D elements

Depending on the web platform you are using, here are some resources for you:

Wix: How to Create a Multi-Layered Parallax Website 

Squarespace: Paralax scrolling

Weebly: How To Create A Moving Parallax Banner In Your Weebly Site​ 

Wordpress: Paralax scroll 

3. How to get interactive 3D design to your website

Imagine you can embed your 3D design to your website as easy as a YouTube video and users can rotate and play with the design and even customize the design in Vectary. 


What you get with the Vectary 3D design maker

Boost your graphic design portfolio with 3D banners and header images

Design trend reports for 2018 say that playful 3D shapes are the next visual trend for advertising. Keep your graphic design portfolio up to date and impress your clients with beautiful visuals created with our free, online 3D tool. 

Collaborate on your 3D design with coworkers and clients

Share your design with your colleague or client and create everything together. One can work on the 3D model, another can play with objects, while others can add their comments. The Vectary free image creator supports creative teamwork.

Use Google Fonts to create amazing 3D typography

Vectary is the first online 3D tool to implement more than 800 fonts from the Google Fonts library. Choose your favorite Google font and turn it into 3D in Vectary with one click. To further customize your design, just double click to enter the Vectary edit mode and access other powerful 3D modeling tools.

Finish your 3D design in other tools

Easily export your 3D image as PNG and finish your project in graphic design tools like Photoshop and Canva, or continue on other web design platforms such as Wix, Wordpress or Weebly. Sky's the limit!

Abstractgraphic_DRIBBBLE SHOT 800x600


How do I download Vectary to create a 3D design for my website?

The VECTARY 3D image creator is online so you don’t need to download anything. It runs in every modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Simply sign up or log in, then go to the Dashboard and pick one of our 3D templates. You will get directly to our online 3D design tool where you can edit it any way you want. 

How much does it cost to create a 3D design in Vectary?

You can create for free in Vectary. Learn more about our other plans and pricing. 

How can I download my 3D design?

Click the menu in the top left corner and hover over Project. Next, click “Export as image” to download your 3D design as a PNG file or choose from a variety of other 3D formats: STL and OBJ (used in 3D printing), glTF (universal 3D format) or DAE (Sketchup and architecture format). 

Updated, February 25th 2019: We updated our subscription plans and some features might not be a part of Free plan anymore. For more information check out pricing page.