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Vectary is the first mockup tool where you can set any view you want.

Start creating mockups

How to create 3D mockup templates in Vectary

1. Open VECTARY - it's online and free.

2. Start with one of our mockup templates

3. Replace the image on the screen of the mockup device - Click on the screen and replace the image in the right panel. You can also import the image of your app design and place it on the device - just drag and drop your JPG or PNG file on the scene. 

4. Drag and drop 3D assets, textures and lights from the Objects library. You can modify the 3D geometry with double click.

5. Rotate the scene with left mouse click, and drag and pan it with right click to set your ideal scene view.

6. Toggle the Render button to enable real-time rendering.

7. Export your 3D mockup as PNG or share it on social media directly from Vectary.

Customize 3D mockups with just a few clicks

Always admired those stunning 3D scenes on Behance or Dribbble? Now you can make one, too. Just place your app design to one of our mockup kits and set any view, texture, color and object that you want. It's like a Shutterstock photo where you can change anything in 3D. You can even edit it together with your teammates, all at the same time. Try it - it’s as easy as editing a Google doc.

Create your mockup scene from scratch or use our template kits

Choose one of our template mockup scenes. Editing them is as easy as drag and drop. Minimalist, cute, geometric, luxury - what is your favorite style?

3D mockups in a Facebook 3D post? Why not?!

Share your design on social media directly from Vectary. You can even share your mockup as a 3D post on Facebook with just one click. 

Collaborate in real-time with your coworkers

Design is teamwork and Vectary is the tool where you can create amazing 3D designs together, in real-time.

Make 360° graphic design decisions

The times when front and isometric views were the only options to choose from are long gone. In the 3D design tool Vectary you can set any view of the 3D scene that you want.

Create stunning renders in your browser

It might sound incredible, but the whole rendering is happening in real time, in your browser tab. No need to install any desktop app. Rendering has never been so simple.

Pick any device you want 

iPhone X mockups, iMac or iPad mockups, Android mockups, all you need to do is drag and drop the 3D model of the device from the library onto the 3D scene.


How do I download Vectary to create a 3D mockup?

Vectary is an online 3D design tool, so you don’t need to download anything. Simply sign up or log in, then go to the Dashboard and pick one of our mockup templates. You will get directly to our online 3D design tool where you can edit it any way you want.

How much does it cost to create 3D mockups?

You can start creating for free. Learn more about our plans and pricing. 

How can I download my 3D mockups?

Click the menu in the top left corner and hover over Project. Next, click “Export as image” to export your mockup scene as PNG. You can also download it as a 3D file: OBJ, STL, DAE, GLTF or GLB.