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“AR will affect companies in every industry. It will transform how we learn, make decisions, and interact. It will change how enterprises serve customers, train employees, design products, manage their value chains, and ultimately, how they compete.”
Harvard Business Review

Benefit from AR throughout the design process

Gain perspective and envision your concept designs beyond the screen. Instead of an expensive physical prototype, use a well-rendered AR model. Conduct a thorough analysis of a product's parameters and size constraints by placing the AR in its physical location. Make better decisions based on relevant feedback and collaboration with your team, as they can visualize and examine details from all angles.

Propel your content from digital to virtual

Fast and easy way to leap into creating AR content using your own 3D designs. Vectary can import most industry-standard file types including: OBJ, STL, FBX, GLTF, GLTF 2.0, GLB, DAE, IGS, IGES, STP, STEP.

Prepare your brand for the future

Set up your branding as an AR experience at events, shows or OOH. The fastest way to expand your marketing campaign into Augmented Reality is by adding a completely customized AR viewer that includes your branding for: Custom Augmented Reality icon, QR code and domain. This viewer will automatically work on AR devices, including Apple Vision Pro. Start building your Augmented Reality marketing strategy today.

Showcase the functionality with animations in AR

Create impressive looped animations in Vectary that will be automatically translated to AR. No code.
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Augmented Reality examples

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AR for manufacturing

Send a link to your B2B prospects that includes real-time configurable demo with AR preview. This will allow them to place the solution in the area where it will be installed.

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AR for electronics

Include Augmented Reality in every step of your product development process, from concepting and presenting to your team using tools like Miro, to launching publicly on your campaign website.

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AR for furniture

Since IKEA launched their AR app years ago, the AR preview technology is now accessible to every furniture retailer directly on their ecommerce website such as Shopify or Woocommerce. No app instalation is needed.

Offer up richer, realistic and emerging experiences that perform and impress

Showcase prototypes in AR

Get faster approvals for any product or package designs. Let the client see the lifelike prototype wherever they are.

Deliver 360 campaigns

Digital and virtual, immediately sharable content from posting image of your AR creations, to embedding anywhere online.

Offer new solutions

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the parameters and size limitations of a product by placing the AR in its physical location.

Boost e-commerce revenue

Influence customers’ decision in the shopping process. Decrease returns of the product and increase engagement on the website.

Faster go-to-market

A visual and spacial reference can significantly accelerate workflows and time to market of the product line.

A complete presentation

A complete concept showcase featuring 3D and AR to present your designs and ideas using originality and innovation.

Augmented Reality in business


Sharp’s success with streamlined workflows and great customer experiences

“It’s so easy to get the result with Vectary. No more email ping-ponging during preparation. We can get it on the web with only a few clicks, and our customers love placing Sharp products in their living room using AR.”


Mobili Fiver used immersive experience while expanding into new markets

Online retailer for quality Italian furniture, expanding into the European market and offering great customer experience using 3D and Augmented Reality.

Companies using Vectary Augmented Reality

How AR directly influences e-comm purchase decisions

Virtual personalization

78% of shoppers who have experienced AR, prefer it over video.

Increased basket value

40% of shoppers are ready to pay more, if they were allowed to test it through AR.

Decrease in product returns

Companies using AR have reported 25-40% decrease in returns from AR-guided purchases.

How to create Augmented Reality without development

Augmented Reality technology that works on any device

In desktop browsers

View, zoom and rotate a realistic 3D composition in your desktop browser and seamlessly transition to mobile AR.

On Apple devices

Vectary Web AR takes advantage of Apple’s latest ARKit 3 to create an immersive AR experience on iPhone and iPad.

On Android devices

View your 3D content in real life on supported Android devices with a tap of a button right from your website.

Fast–track to virtual brand presence and potential

Let your audiences interact with the design in their environment easily, without any app installation.
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