Immersive and engaging experiences with Vectary Web AR

Seamless AR Publishing for web and mobile.

Inspire, educate, solve problems and entertain

Let your audiences interact with the design in their environment easily without any app installation.


Design or import a 3D model

Design your own model or import and customize it in Vectary Studio. Most 3D file formats are supported.


Add Augmented Reality

From the Advanced Scene properties panel add Augmented Reality. Generate or upload your own AR files (USDZ, glTF).


Publish with one click

Generate a shareable link or embed code (iframe) for your 3D model with one click. Your model can now be added to most platforms or websites, or shared as a direct link.

It is now viewable in AR

Click on the AR button that is displayed with your 3D model and scan the QR code to view it in AR.

Watch the tutorial
Watch the tutorial

Emerging experiences that perform and impress the audiences

Showcase 3D mockups in AR

Get faster approvals for any product or package designs. Let the client see the lifelike prototype wherever they are.

Make emerging experience campaigns

Immediate sharable content from users posting photos with your AR creations on their social channels.

Display your artwork in AR

Anyone can experience your creativity with a link or a QR code. Display 3D characters, sculptures, graffiti, or any visual composition as a virtual exhibition.

Get results with AR commerce

Boost customers’ confidence to make the right decision in the shopping process. Decrease returns of the product and increase engagement on the website.

Skip the middlemen

Get full control over the content shown in AR. Update anytime. No coding skills required.

Find new ways to start conversations with prospective customers

In Desktop Browsers

View, zoom and rotate a realistic 3D composition in your desktop browser and seamlessly transition to mobile AR.

On iPhone and iPad

Vectary Web AR takes advantage of Apple’s latest ARKit 3 to create an immersive AR experience on iPhone and iPad.

On Android Devices

View your 3D content in real life on supported Android devices with a tap of a button right from your website.

Bring your content from anywhere

Vectary can import 3D files from all major tool-chains.


Proprietary Autodesk interchange format. Vectary supports importing FBX version 2005 and above.


Simple and open data-format that represents 3D geometry alone. It’s been widely adopted as an interchange format.


Also called the JPEG of 3D, GL Transmission format is the most common and advanced 3D interchange format.


Vectary supports importing of the Scalable Vector Graphics format and can be easily used as geometry.


Age-tested and common CAD exchange format. Vectary automatically converts IGES into polygon models.


Another widely used CAD format with high interoperability, STEP is intended to be the PDF of 3D world.

AR for business: VanMoof case study

The challenge

When launching a new product campaign, the usual approach has transformed. VanMoof, an innovative bike company, planned to launch their S3 and X3 models with this in mind.

The solution

A 360 marketing initiative that offers customers a life-sized, AR preview of the bike. Customers can view 3D models of the bikes and access the AR functionality directly in the VanMoof's store.

The results

>1 minute engagement with bike models

2 million impressions in the first two weeks of the campaign.

More than 760 bikes sold.

High quality AR output in minutes

Transform your imported model with high quality, free materials, environments and lighting setups in Vectary Studio.

Try Vectary for free
Try Vectary for free

Free material library

Enhance your 3D content with access to free high-quality materials carefully selected to shine in AR.

AR Optimization

Let Vectary do the heavy lifting of reliability and performance optimization to ensure smooth experience on every device.

Light Baking

Web AR automatically bakes physically accurate materials and shadows for extra realism and immersion.

Add your branding for tailored AR experiences

Custom Augmented Reality icon

QR code

Custom domain

Custom Call-to-action button in AR

AR file creation and optimization

Direct link

Contact sales to find out more
Contact sales to find out more

Coming soon: Interactions and configurators in AR

Interaction with the designs and products in AR is definitely the future. A complete digital to virtual experience that every site, e-store, presentation or design will need.

Learn more about 3D configurators
Learn more about 3D configurators