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Bring people into your workflow to share ideas, give feedback, get assets and stay aligned

One-link sharing for improved teamwork

Since collaborating in groups is a common part of many jobs, using one-link sharing is the fastest way to get your team to join, feedback or view your designs at any stage of the creative process. No file downloads or software installs. Just click the share button, copy the link and send it in an email or a chat.

Embed your designs to accelerate project completion

Embedding directly to any website or productivity tool is great for communicating ideas to large teams. The embed will reflect changes made real-time as soon as it is synced in the Studio - with only one click. Great for cutting down on multiple versions, meetings or miscommunication.

Easy handoff with cloneable projects

Discover a new way to work on collaborative designs. By sharing projects as cloneable, your designs can be used by others on your team. They will see and copy only what you’ve made visible. The original will not change. This is a big plus when collaborating, or when giving others fast access to the designs.

Comments in 3D

Get valuable input on your projects in 3D. Invite team members to comment directly in the scene. Work together - faster. Feedback can be attached to the exact part of the design that it refers to. Receive and send comments from any device.

Share in productivity tools

Send a direct link to a project via Slack, and embed it to Notion or Miro. Add it to your Pitch presentation. It’s much easier to show designs in 3D than sending big 3D files or saving screenshots from different angles.

Send private links

Send private links to selected viewers, let’s you decide who can see your files. Very useful when working with multiple clients, departments or external partners.
“To tackle the challenges in our research, I interact and brainstorm with my team. To improve communication and information transfer, efficient arguments must be used regardless of the technical background of the receiver. A truly fantastic platform for achieving excellent work without any hassle.”
Firat Yasar, Ph.D. I Postdoctoral Fellow

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