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Bring Vectary to your class
Bring Vectary to your class

Give your students a competitive advantage

3D and AR is a billion dollar industry, a world full of opportunities, where 3D content creation will be a must-have skill.

Prepare students for jobs of the future: Designing for the web, metaverse, game apps, augmented reality, product or UX/UI design.

How to start with Vectary
How to start with Vectary
Check it out in AR.

How to get started with workspaces

Create a workspace

Assign your workspace to a class or learning group. Create up to 100 workspaces with the education plan. Manage edit/view permissions.

Invite students

Organize your students or lessons in the workspaces. Collaborate, give feedback, share and even set up asset managment or design systems.

Design, share and feedback

Students can access their work from any computer, adapting to any work from home situation. Teachers can access projects and feedback in 3D.

“Really impressed with your editor. All of my students managed to get through, mostly unassisted. Plus, why go through the drama of rendering and licensing with other software.”

TechLeap NZ

New Zeland

“I learned this whole new 3D tool in less than two weeks and have been sharing it in all my design classes and workshps ever since. Such an easy, quick and intuitive way of getting my students to great results in a very short time!”

Mike Snyder

Portland (USA)

”Many of my students have already joined Vectary and their designs are getting featured, so I am happy to see that. Our target is to train 6000 students this year. I will do it with Vectary.”

Hardik Prajapati



Is there a trial period?

No, Vectary is for free and always will be. You can try it without a time limit.

Do students need to pay anything?

No, the owner of the Educational account/workspaces is the only one  who will be invoiced. Invited students automatically get a free Starter workspace when registering to Vectary. With the invitation, they can automatically access this shared Educational workspace.

Is there a discount on workspaces for Education?

Vectary can be used for free, however in order to be able to collaborate within one workspace, an edu plan is required. Please contact our sales team with specification:

-  How long do you wish to purchase your plan for?
-  How many seats you will need per Workspace (classroom)?
-  How many different workspaces (classrooms) do you need?

Are there any resources I can use in my class?

Yes, check our YouTube channel.

Do you offer a training for teachers?

Yes, we can offer a training for group of minimum 6 teachers in your school. Contact our sales team.

Need a custom solution for your class?

Increase seats and workspaces as your curriculum grows. Our team of 3D experts and web developers can help you set up a solution customized to your needs.

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