Formlab prototyping studio specializes in custom-made niche product for their clients. From prototyping to final presentation, Vectary helped them deliver faster and with less errors.


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Bespoke production

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Bratislava, Slovakia


The Challenge

Dealing with design changes in projects that are already in production without causing delays or errors.

The design of a project often evolves. When some project pieces are already in production, this can be difficult. Formlabs had to convey changes to the production team without generating delays or errors.

Working on project globally means that customers can't always come to the production facility to fix problems

Formlabs has global customers that are not able to come to the production facility in person. This can make it difficult to communicate and solve problems quickly.

Pain points

Excessive emailing of files and sketches

Formlabs communicated with customers and shared files and sketches via email. It was difficult to manage and finding relevant information could take time, making it inefficient.

Miscommunication, and misunderstanding

Errors and delays resulted due to miscommunication between customers and Formlabs team members since they relied mainly on emails.

Approval process

Approval was also challenging, as files had to be emailed each time. Since file transfers take time, it was inefficient, especially if the customer was not available to review them immediately.

The Solution

Vectary enabled Formlabs to communicate with customers and share files in real-time, streamlining the collaboration and approval processes. This solution not only reduced miscommunication and errors but also improved overall efficiency.

Features used the most:

  • One link sharing
  • One file accessed by internal and external teams
  • Syncing changes across platforms
  • In project 3D comments
  • Access to version history

The results

Excessive emailing of files and sketches were removed

Design or production changes were clear and precise for all parties

Prevention of errors due to miscommunication

Zero implementation period

Vectary is a cloud-based platform, so there was no need to install or configure anything. This makes it easy to get started immediately and the team was fully onboarded within a week.

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