Interact with animated 3D models in real-time

Improving, simplifying and redefining the way ideas become experiences.
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Concept presentations

Get faster approvals for any product, package or UI designs. Let the client see a realistic prototype wherever they are.

E-commerce showcases

Displays showing off full capabilities and complete product information can be easily embedded to a site for conversion boosts.

Instructional content

Visualize the how-to steps with a simple and clear demonstration of the process or product versatility.

No-code, interactive 3D visual communication for sharing ideas on the web

How to set up Animations and Interactions

Surprisingly simple process for effective and dynamic results. Available to all Pro and Custom plan users.

Create a 3D design

Start your project in Design mode where you build your scene, create or import 3D assets, adjust materials and add graphical elements that can become responsive triggers.

Set up animations

Use the new Animation mode with keyframes on a timeline. Use movement to show a process, modularity, sequence and direction. Can be triggered with Interactions or without.

Add interactions

In Interact mode, define triggers, conditions and actions. Decide how the  audience should interact with the design to set up user behavior. Interaction can display information, control an animation or offer any other solution using floating UIs.

Share the experience

Designs with a purpose are meant to be shared. Use one link to share it with the team for feedback or embed the complete scene into a website.

More possibilities with 3D product configurators

Often used by product designers from the concept stage, to getting approvals, doing presentations, and all the way to displaying in e-Commerce.

Floating UI

These graphic elements can be built anywhere on the scene to open up more information. Customize them and add branding, images, annotations or menu styles.


Add a custom hotspot on the scene to prompt users to click and explore. Hotspots can be custom PNG icons or animated with Lottie files.


Group an entire scene setting into one switchable variant. Switch between objects, camera views, scenes or backdrops.

Create dynamic 3D designs with interactive features

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