KTM selected Vectary to create interactive motorcycle configurators to launch a complete marketing campaign and boost community engagement in a key market.


Motorcycle, bicycle and sports

car manufacturer

Company size



Mattighofen, Austria



Engaging campaign

KTM wanted to create visuals of their products that customers could interact with but struggled to find a platform that could be used for creation, feedback, and final marketing campaigns

Realistic design

The final design of the motorcycle had to be realistic and not just a stylized representation.

No-code solution

They needed to develop a 3D configurator that required no coding and could be easily embedded anywhere.


Engaging campaign

KTM used the Vectary platform as a single source for the complete project, which was essential in the creative process as feedback and input were needed from various KTM departments.

3D configurator maker

Vectary's interactions mode allowed KTM to create hotspots, color and material variations, and its unbranded viewer made it easy to embed the same file directly into the campaign webpage for the marketing campaign.

Optimization and AR

Additionally, Vectary's custom materials library, augmented reality functionality, and optimization features for file size reduction were all utilized.

The results

“The results were impressive. The campaign was delivered on time and within budget.”

Fast delivery

23 days from concept, to model creation, to optimization and then to launch.

Speed and effect

2,000 customized design submissions with a significant new audience reach.


KTM brought innovation (AR) and engagement (3D) confirming the brand positioning.

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