3D modeling has never been easier. Join hundreds of schools worldwide and get free access to VECTARY’s, easy-to-teach classes.

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Game Changer In Education

VECTARY is the best choice for educators to unleash their students’ analytical and creative thinking. Make learning meaningful today and teach them how to create designs for 3D printing.

Free 3D tool
Ready-to-teach tutorials
No installation
Easy learning curve
Online portfolio
  • Quick onboarding
  • Teachers becoming experts in no time
  • Ever-growing list of free tutorials
  • Creative, fun, useful software for PC Lab classrooms
  • Develop skills in multiple areas - arts, maths, physics, creativity, spatial vision
  • Driven by experience - teachers share experience and ideas
  • Publish 3D models - give and get feedback
  • Access from anywhere, maintenance-free software - NO install

What Our Community Says

FROM: makers, DIY, designers, hobbyists, professionals, teachers, you!

TechLeap NZ
TechLeap NZNew Zeland

Really impressed with your editor! The built-in step-by-step tutorial is genius, and all of my tech club’s students managed to get through, mostly unassisted.

Many of my students have already joined VECTARY and their designs are getting featured there, so I’m really happy to see that. Our target is to train 6000 students this year in designing objects for 3D printing. I will definitely train them with VECTARY.”

Petra Hurai
Petra HuraiSlovakia

I learned this whole new 3D tool in less than two weeks and have been sharing this knowledge in all my design classes and workshops ever since. Such an easy, quick and intuitive way of getting my students to great results in a very short time!

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