Vectary success stories

Our online 3D platform is helping hundreds of companies around the world to deliver immersive experiences and optimize their 3D workflows.

Dowina used configurators to boost productivity and customer satisfaction

Dowina implemented 3D configurators to be able to send digital twins to clients, as well as optimize internal processes for accurate planning, pricing and production.

Sharp adds improved collaboration and customer retention

Sharp integrated the Vectary platform into their 3D workflow and successfully launched 3D configurators and Augmented Reality preview on their website.

beflo presented their award winning product with 3D configurator

This premium furniture manufacturer used the Vectary platform to build an immersive configurator for their website. It was all done by a single person - their product designer.

Mobili Fiver is expanding into new markets with immersive experience

Online retailer for quality Italian furniture, expanding into the European market and offering great customer experience using 3D and AR.

NASA scientists improved their concept presentation to non-tech audiences

Firat Yasar, Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA created interactive presentations for highly technical concepts, receiving positive feedback to continue the project.

KTM launched a marketing campaign using interactive features

KTM selected Vectary to create interactive motorcycle configurators to launch a complete marketing campaign and boost community engagement in a key market.

Bizerba sees the potential to implement Vectary workflows company wide

Bizerba reviews the potential of using Vectary to leverage 3D and AR capabilities for internal 3D pipeline, as well as a presentation tool for B2B events.

Memotics showcased new possibilities for the retail and F&B industry

Interactive 3D and AR showcase from Memotics opened up new possibilities for F&B market. The solution was presented on the event for local retailers.

Lindhagen Studio worked with Vectary to offer new 3D visualization

Clients of Lindhagen Studio realized significant savings by opting for 3D visualizations over traditional photography or videos as well as enhanced brand perception.

Formlab shortening feedback loops internally and with clients

Formlab prototyping studio specializes in custom-made products for their clients. From idea to final presentation, using Vectary lets them deliver faster and with less errors.

Grif Studio showcased their 3D NFT art on the web and in AR

Grif Studio was able to effortlessly make the web embeds after importing digital statues into Vectary. Visitors did not need to install any apps in order to use Augmented Reality.

Harnessing the full potential of our platform

How do we know Vectary is an ideal solution for efficient teamwork? We use it to streamline our own 3D workflow while delivering interactive content daily.
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